Following a keto diet can be difficult because society doesn’t cater to our low carb high fat way of eating! The grocery stores are filled with aisles of food we can’t eat and there are limited fast food options for people on the go.

Live in Ontario? Get healthy keto meals delivered to your house!
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Ontario Food DeliveryLive Fit Foods is a healthy lifestyle company from London, Ontario who delivers healthy meals to your home. Serving people like me and you who are looking to eat well and save time, Live Fit Foods delivers across Ontario.

Meal prepping is great in theory but if you’re like me you:

  1. Find planning meals to be a struggle
  2. Will do whatever you can to avoid grocery stores
  3. Break a sweat while cooking large batches of meals
  4. Hate cleaning up the disaster your kitchen turns into after batch cooking
  5. Want somebody else to do all this for you!!!!

I reached out to Nick at Live Fit Foods to discuss developing a keto meal option. I have been providing feedback on some of their meals and have been really impressed with the options they have sent. Having healthy meals delivered has saved me so much time in worrying what is for dinner and have been extremely helpful when Steve asks me “What’s for Dinner!?”

The keto delivery program is in it’s early phases and I know they are looking for feedback on what people like and don’t like. If you are a tracker like me, please note that I have not received nutritional information with the meals so I have had to try to guesstimate on what I am eating to enter my macros into MyFitnessPal. Nick tells me that nutritional labels are being sent on keto meals ordered online but the ones that I receive are trial meals that have not been officially added to the meal line up.

One great thing about the meals delivered to your door is that they can be thrown in the freezer for up to 90 days. This allows you to keep the meals on hand for the times you need them.

So far both Steve and I have been impressed with the meals coming out of the kitchen at Live Fit Foods. Having healthy food within arms reach at all time is really helpful when sticking to your diet and the time savings are priceless to us!


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