Keto Weight Loss Guide - Easy to follow quick start guide for beginners!

Easy Keto Weight Loss Guide for Beginners

This digital guide shows you the exact methodology that I used to lose 60 lbs in one year with the ketogenic diet.


Ketogenic Diet Before and After
Keto Diet Mom Before and After
6 Months Keto Before and After - Check out her Keto Quick Start Guide!
My Husbands Results! - Keto Before and After

If you want to be healthy, thin, and confident in your own skin…lose the excess weight and gain back energy…if you are tired of being uncomfortable in your clothes and you want to learn how to follow keto and lose weight…this guide is made for you.

What happens if you just do nothing? If you keep following your current behaviours and ignoring the inner voice that desires a better, healthier life? You continue becoming more frustrated, living in a body that doesn’t reflect who you really are.

Following this diet has been life changing for me. It has allowed me to:

• Drop over 60 lbs, the first 45 lbs in 26 weeks!
• Break the up and down cycle of weight loss/weight gain
• Donate all my size 14, 12, 10, and 8 clothes to charity because I am now wearing a size 6!
• Feel young and attractive again!

Save time researching and get my best advice on starting and successfully following the ketogenic diet. I am here to hold your hand through the process and to help coach you along the way.

We have an exclusive Facebook page where you get support from me and others also following the guide. After purchasing the guide you are also free to e-mail me for support at any time.

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Save Time

Save hours of your time researching how to do keto! I’ve done the research for you and condensed into this quick start guide!


Proven Results

From 203 lbs to 143 pounds in one year! That’s over 60 pounds with minimal exercising!


Bonus Motivational Tools

  • Printable motivational quotes
  • Tracking charts for body measurements
  • Motivating reward trackers and
  • 180 Day Don’t Break the Chain tracker

This guide was everything I needed to commit to the keto lifestyle. I had done a lot of research but felt that nothing applied to my real life until I read Joanna’s guide! If you’re stuck this is definitely the guide that you’re looking for.

Leah M. - Down 13.5 lbs in 4 weeks

Keto Weight Loss Results Chart

This is my personal weight tracking chart.

I started my ketogenic diet in late 2016 and lost 60 lbs. in one year!

I struggled to lose weight gained from emotional eating and pregnancy. With two kids under the age of 7 and working full time, I was exhausted with the laundry list of things to do around the house and driving around to kids activities.

In an attempt to to get my “old” body back, I tried diets from BeachBody and Weight Watchers. But they didn’t stick! Every time I gained the weight back plus more which was a struggle.

December 1st, 2016

November 30th, 2017

Get immediate access to this digital keto guide as well as access to my members only Facebook support group!

It was easy to read and understand. It didn’t complicate things and helped me start my keto journey the next day without feeling any anxiety. Prior to finding this guide, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet and I didn’t know where to start. I credit my success on the keto diet largely in part to Joanna’s e-book and I highly recommend it to anybody starting their keto journey.

Candace @keto_like_candace - Down 20 lbs in 8 weeks!

I am passionate about the ketogenic diet! It has changed my life and I know it can change yours too!

I created this 70+ page keto beginners guide to share exactly what worked for me. In this guide you will get all the information you need to understand how to follow the keto diet for successful weight loss. Here is a list of what is covered in the guide:

Whether it be via e-mail or in the group Facebook page, when you invest in this guide - I become invested in your success and am here to help you along the way.

  • Four stages of readiness
  • Weight loss and patience
  • What is keto?
  • Won’t eating fat, make me fat?
  • Why does keto work so well?
  • Ketoacidosis
  • Keto spectrum
  • Steps to get started
  • Calculating your macros * VIDEO TUTORIAL
  • Do calories matter?
  • Using macros as a guide
  • Calculating net carbs *VIDEO TUTORIAL
  • Simplifying your macros
  • Tracking your macros *VIDEO TUTORIAL
  • Knowing what to eat
  • Example lunch and dinner ideas
  • Example fast food ideas
  • Example snack and dessert ideas
  • Alcohol
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Hydration is important
  • BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Group Support
  • BONUS: E-mail Coaching – if you have a question, I am here to help you!
  • Should I meal plan?
  • Example 7 day meal plan
  • Schedule with example macros
  • Meal plan recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Additional snack and dessert ideas
  • Keto flu
  • Weird taste/urine smell
  • Am I in ketosis?
  • Poop – what you need to know
  • Hair loss
  • Keto rash
  • Supplements and keto
  • Carb ups
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Extended fasts
  • Exercise on keto
  • Social situations
  • Tools to get started
  • Don’t break the chain
  • Measurement tracking
  • Reward yourself
  • BONUS: Motivational Quotes
  • BONUS: Tracking templates for measurements

Get immediate access to this digital keto guide as well as access to my members only Facebook support group!

Keto Weight Loss Guide - Easy to follow quick start guide for beginners!

Day One or One Day? You Decide!


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