Why Keto is an Amazing Way to Eat and Lose Weight!

Why Keto is an Amazing Way to Eat and Lose Weight!

“Oh my god, I could never live without bread”


“Why can’t you eat sweet potatoes?”


“How can you enjoy life without deep friend mini doughnuts!?”


I hear comments like this all the time! When I first heard about the ketogenic diet, an extremely low carb way of eating, all I could think about were the things I COULDN’T have. I COULDN’T eat my favourite yogurt, forget the potato chips, and pizza…oh how I loved pizza. Those keto people are crazy I told myself, that is NO way to live.

Then I hit a breaking point and decided to give this “crazy low carb diet” a try. The results would be worth it if I could just stick with it!

What happened, is that in just over 200 days I lost over 50 lbs. I surprised myself. I cut those carb laden foods right out of my diet and it was, dare I say, easy? And while I’m not quite to my goal weight, just 15 more lbs to go,  I have learned to focus on delicious food that I CAN have, instead of what I can’t.

There is no deprivation when you are making a choice not to eat something. It’s not that you can’t have it – it’s that you are making a conscious decision not to eat it (because you’ve got goals, right!?)

So instead of focusing on the things you can’t have when you’re keto, lets celebrate what you do get to have:

  • Skin on chicken, chicken wings, and high fat meats like steak! Crispy skin is so good and you can eat it guilt free! You can even make chicken fingers that taste like the “real” thng!
  • All the cheese – have a favourite? There are so many variety of cheeses that are low carb the opportunities are endless!
  • Pepperoni, sausage, and other cured meats and yes eating lots of bacon is perfectly acceptable!
  • Full fat dressing and sauces make your dishes extremely flavourful! Ranch and Caesar dressing are two favourites of mine and don’t forget heavy cream and butter!
  • Nuts become the perfect snack and are perfectly complimented by low carb chocolate!
  • Zucchini noodles really do fill the place of pasta in an endless number of dishes
  • Amazing keto friendly desserts like cream cheese fluff and nanaimo bars!
  • Modified recipes to make typical non keto food like pizza and mashed potatoes (yes it’s made with cauliflower and its delicious!)

Keto is a way of eating that deserves to be celebrated! It’s changed my life and with the right attitude by focusing on what you CAN have, it can change your life too!

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